Ultimate Home Brew Training Guide - Review

Reviewed by: Mike Milby
Rating: 4.5 stars
Website Reviewed: http://beereasy.com

Ultimate Home Brew Training GuideI bought this program because I wanted to learn how to brew beer the right way. The first thing I noticed was that the program is even more in depth than I had first thought. Once I downloaded the files I was surprised to see a LOT of videos covering just about everything imaginable about the entire beer brewing process. For me that worked great since I am a visual type of learner. I would prefer to "see" something being done rather than have to read how to do it in some beer making books. Quality of the videos is very good and the audio is very good. Nice and loud and easy to understand (a pet peeve of mine is crappy audio on programs I buy). That is not a problem here.

In addition to the videos, there are 6 checklists in the program and they are all in PDF format. So if you want to print them out, like I did, it's easy to do. The checklists included are:

  • Course Introduction
  • Equipment & Ingredients Checklist
  • Day #1 Brew Day Checklist
  • Day #2 Brew Day Checklist
  • Day #3 Brew Day Checklist
  • Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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I printed out the "Equipment & Ingredients" checklist to use when I made my initial beer making equipment and supplies purchase. The checklist even includes the best sources to buy all the equipment from along with links. So comparison shopping was easy to do by clicking and going directly to the sites and do some price/features comparisons.

When I first saw the Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 checklists I was a little confused. As it turns out, each checklist is designed to help you make it through each of the critical days of the brewing process. The entire brewing process takes more than three days, but as explained in the program, there are 3 'critical' days in the brewing process. That's why there's a checklist outlining what to do during these 3 critical days.

On my first brewed batch, I used each one of the checklists and am glad they are included. As it turns out Day 2 is actually about 10 days after Day 1. Day 3 is actually the day you get to bottle your beer which, as it turns out, is about 2 weeks after your 'transfer' day.

Overall everything is very well explained.

There's an advanced brewers section that contains 2 videos about brewing all grain beer and it has an additional 5 checklists in it. Since I am a new brewer I cannot attest to the information in the advanced section. But I will say this, if it's like everything I have seen in the Beginner section, it is extremely well done.

For those advanced beer brewers out there, here is a list of what's included in the Advanced Section:

  • Video - All Grain Brewing - Part 1 of 2
  • Video - All Grain Brewing - Part 2 of 2


  • Introduction to All Grain Brewing
  • All Grain Extra Equipment
  • All Grain Brew Day Checklist
  • All Grain Batch Sparge Brewing Worksheet
  • All Grain Batch Sparge Brewing Worksheet Sample

I hope someday to feel ready to consider myself an Advanced Brewer but not yet. Okay, now back to the sections that I have gone through and followed.


There's actually more information in the recipe section than I thought there would be. There's a total of 8 recipes they recommend as being excellent. Personally I am in the process of brewing the Mac's Amber Ale recipe and I haven't tried the other recipes (yet). I plan on trying each one. I figure that by trying each of them, I will gain more experience in my brewing knowledge and that I will be hopefully be better able to distinguish between various types of beer.

The included recipes are:

  • Cascade Pale Ale Recipe
  • Can't Lager Oktoberfest
  • India Pale Ale
  • Mac's Amber Ale Recipe
  • Lake Superior Porter
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Pre-Prohibition American Pilsner
  • Strawberry Blonde (PDF)

When I downloaded the Training Guide there were some bonuses included. I don't know if they are still included but if they are, it sure makes the price of the course a lot cheaper. One bonus is a recipe for the award winning Dusseldorf Altbier. The other bonus is a HUGE PDF that includes 640 different beer brewing recipes. I can't imagine ever being able to go through that many recipes. I'm just going to stick with the ones he recommends and leave the others to people braver than I am when it comes to brewing. I am not a big fan of really dark beers so by my estimate, that reduces the recipes (for me) down to a more reasonable 200 or so.

The training guide even lists 4 great books (at least according to them) on brewing beer at home. As I said earlier I am more of a visual person and I don't plan on buying any of the books but it's nice that for those people who want to read, they don't have to wonder which books are the ones to buy. There is even a link provided for a software program on brewing beer. At my level, I can't imagine ever becoming that much of a hard core brewer to justify that.

In conclusion, I'm very happy with the training guide.  I am rating the program 4.5 stars out of 5 because I think the Day 1 Brewing Day video should have been a little longer. I ended up watching the video again before I was finally ready to begin (in hindsight, this was probably due to my being overly cautious). But that's the great thing about videos, if you don't 'get it' you can keep watching over and over again until you do.

I paid $27 for the course which I figure is about what I would have paid for a single book. I learned a lot more, and a lot faster, with this course than I ever could have learned with a book alone.

This course really gave me the confidence that I really can brew beer at home that tastes great. Making the first batch was actually a lot of fun and I am already looking at the other home brew beer recipes to decide which one to make on my next batch.

If you are a beginner beer brewer like I am, then this program is definitely for you. I'm looking forward to tasting my first batch of home brewed beer (Amber Ale) in about a week.


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